Jul. 28th, 2016

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Hello!! Have you seen the Full PV for Masquerade?! I have no words other than "PERFECTION" I'm so proud of our boys. The song, The dance, the costume and of course our boys!! I don't even know where to start I was mesmerized the whole time I was watching it ♥ So... I've seen the short version before and I felt all the hype back then, after seeing the full version today, the hype I felt when I saw the Short version doubled! no Tripled! no it was raised to infinity.

The part where they finally revealed their faces (almost at the end) was so hot omg can I adopt them all? (just kidding) They look all extra hot I keep on pausing the vid because my kokoro cannot handle it anymore ahahaha. Also the step where they rotate their hips is adhashjfadgshfgjilfajfhjadhf;kadsh;fk too sexy huhu. Masquerade is so Classy and Sexy Omggg.

About the members I don't know where to start but all of them looks so good. I'll take special mentions for some members that nearly made my kokoro explode hahhaa. First is Yuto!! Yuto really is illegal!! at the group shot where he suddenly touched his neck is sooooooo sexy to the 10000000000000000th power hahahhah also his "Shall we dance my honey" line is so jaksfahajkdsfaj;fhaf;jka (sorry i really can't contain my feels hahaha). Then inoo chan, omgg I was squealing the whole time at how hot and cute he looks in this pv. I'll never forget his "chest pump" move hahahha its so cute omg inoooo. Then chinen! That flip was すごい!! omgg this baby really grown a lot. his hair suits him so much huhuhu our little baby's not sooo baby anymore. Lastly, my ichiban Ryosuke!!! omgggg I was squealing and rolling on my bed when I watched this pv and everytime yamachan has his solo shot/close up I always ended up throwing my phone because of too much happiness ISTG hell be the death of me hahhah just kididng. but seriously omg He looks so soo sooooo good here omg (well he always looks good hahahha) but seriously I nearly died especially when he was about to remove his mask jdfgu;afg;iuaaf;ajhf;iuaw.

So in short, this pv is worth watching I highly recommend it. the "sha la la, sha la la" part is also addicting huhuhu please please let's support Jump's Dear also please cheer for them wholeheartedly for their coming Tour!


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